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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to buy a monument from my funeral home or cemetery?

No. A funeral home or cemetery is lawfully unable to force you to purchase a monument from them when arranging other funeral purchases.

What do I need to know when purchasing a cemetery monument?

Some cemeteries have restrictions on the monuments they accept, so it is a good idea to check with your cemetery first to find out what guidelines you must follow. You must also know how much you can spend; most styles can be adapted to fit any size budget.

From here, you can decide on a monument style that expresses the life of you or your loved one. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials for your memorial.Watkins Monument Company will be happy to help you further customize your monument with text, engravings and other decorations.


How can I order a custom cemetery monument?

Watkins Monument Company will be glad to help you design a completely custom monument to commemorate your life or that of a loved one. We offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials. Please give us a call for a custom quote.

What materials are used in monuments?

Granite is the most popular monument material we use today because of it's ability to withstand extreme climates and temperatures. Other materials include marble and bronze.

What is Granite?

Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals.  There mineral are easy to see due to their different colors.  Granite is less expensive that marble.  It is found in many colors and textures. Gray, blue gray, red and black are found in Georgia quarries. Other colors are found around the world.


What is marble?
Marble, also found in Georgia, is a softer material. Marble is for affected by weather and absorbs stains more easily than granite. Marble is more expensive, and is available in a number of colors and textures. The most used is white Georgia or Vermont marble.


What is the difference between Marble and Granite?
Marble is simply limestone that has been compress. Granite is a molten rock, made up of a number of minerals Granite is very hard and depending on the kind shows the grain or color of the stone.  Marble has a single mineral  -calcite- has little variation in colors. Marble is softer in color and texture.

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